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Private Hospitals in France have now opened the doors for Gastric Bypass, gastric Sleeve or gastric Band surgery for clients from the Irish Republic looking for weight Loss surgery and Bariatric weight loss surgery of all types. With The ever increasing ease of access from most parts of Ireland, it now makes it perfectly acceptable to travel to France at a reasonable cost. We have several obesity surgery options to help overweight people lose weight in our Network of Weight Loss surgery hospitals which are located in convenient locations with Low Cost Direct Flights to many Cities in Europe you can take advantage of lower Prices for Bariatric surgery Ireland.


We quite often have a limited number of Special offers Gastric Bypass, Sleeve or Gastric band surgery in France for our clients from all areas of Ireland.

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All of the cosmetic surgery practitioners who will carry out the surgical procedures at our Hospitals are highly respected and qualified in all aspects of bariatric surgery. They are all registered as surgeons in France, and many of them may also hold higher qualifications in other countries having studied and worked overseas.

From the moment you contact us, we will guide and advise you to enable you to make the right decision. Whether its gastric bypass, Sleeve or a Gastric band we can help you.

All our medical staff are approachable, competent and available to you 24 hours a day.

All of our Bariatric surgery and plastic surgery practitioners speak English, as do most of the support and nursing staff.

Each of our fully staffed Hospitals is a recognised centre of excellence in gastric bypass, Sleeve or a Gastric band.

You can now speed up the process, and what's more it's more affordable for many more patients living in the republic of Ireland (Eire).

Our Price For :- Our Price In France Typical Ireland Price
Gastric Band
€ 4,200
€ 7,000
Gastric Sleeve
€ 7,300
€ 12,000
Rue-n-Y Gastric ByPass
€ 7,300
Mini Gastric ByPass
€ 7,300
€ 15,000

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